Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. I provide a completely managed Information Technology service to my clients to provide them with a personal relationship and advice with their information and technology needs. Whether it is web hosting, website design, or even a phone system and networking support I am able to provide service to any smaller company or organization. If you have technology issues or want to explore new technology in order to enhance and improve your current business processes please reach out to me to see how I can help.

Updates for 2024

Due to current server and application costs, I may be reaching out to you to discuss increased fees for future invoices.

My server cost has increased from about $92 per month to over $112 per month in the past year. Additionally, some applications and features have had price increases of up to 10%.

I can accommodate a few new clients this year, if you would like a consultation please reach out to me!


We proudly utilize a variety of technology providers to ensure that you have a reliable, safe, and secure hosting experience. All of our technology providers compliment each other to ensure service is reliable and secure. Our services are monitored by UptimeRobot to provide an indepent source to verify our uptime and server status. By utilizing multiple providers and services we are able to provide a more balanced and redundant service to you and your customers.

What goes into a website?

I often get asked what is different about your hosting or why is your service more/less expensive than another. In a sense, you typically get out of a service what you are able to put into it.

My approach to a website is an all inclusive approach. I do not simply hand you a website builder tool and sit back to collect my monthly payment. I work with you to build your website and make sure you are able to post your updates and content. I am there for support if needed.

There is more to a website than just a page. For the typical website you have many services in the backend to make sure everything works well.

  • CloudNS - this is the geolocation DNS service that I use. This makes sure your domain name and your website DNS records are readily available across the internet from multiple redundant servers.
  • dynadot - this is the Domain Name provider that I use. I prefer to have all of my domain names in one portal so I can monitor them for expiration dates and potential issues.
  • ScalaHosting/TierPoint - this is my server host and managed server provider. These two services combined help to ensure the server is working properly and that I have ready access to support for server issues if needed.
  • sPanel - is the cloud managed platform that powers the server's backend.
  • ManageWP - I prefer to use WordPress where possible as it is very open and flexible. To manage multiple WordPress websites, updates, and backend tasks I use ManageWP.
  • UptimeRobot - this tool monitors the server and various ports/applications to ensure that if something goes down I receive a notification within 10-15 minutes and can begin to work on the issue.
  • SSL Certificates - your website needs to be secured by an SSL certificate not only for security purposes but also for page ranking purposes.
  • OpenLiteSpeed/LiteSpeed - this is the actual web server that powers the websites. It has built in cache and cdn technology ( that helps your website load faster.
  • Postmark - if your website sends transactional email, such as account notifications, payment receipts, etc... I use Postmark to ensure the transactional mail is delivered and that there is a log of all transactional mail sent.
  • PowerDMARC - to ensure that your email actually reaches the inbox of your customers and those you are trying to email there is a lot of backend security processes involved such as DKIM, DMARC, BIMI, SPF, MTS/TLS monitoring to make sure not only mail is received but also your email domain is not easily able to be spoofed or spammed.

As you can see, there are many products, services, and steps to making sure your website is hosted safely and securely.

Our Features


DNSSEC, optional HSTS Preloading, and other industry standard security methods are recommended to ensure your information is safe and secure.

Cloud Technology

CDN, Transactional Email, AWS Backup, IceWarp Email Server, and other complimentary cloud services are provided to ensure your experience is safe, secure, and reliable.

Payment Processing

Payment Processing provided by Stripe with integrations for Plaid, Apple Pay, and other mobile payment platforms to allow your customers secure payment options.


Fully managed Information Technology Conulting to provide personalized support for all of your technology news.

SSL Certificates

All websites are deployed with SSL Certificates by default to ensure a safe browsing experience for your customers; and to ensure your data is safe and encrypted.

Advice & Recommendations

We provide personalized advice and recommendations to help your organization be more productive and efficient.

Not quite sure yet?

Why not visit our contact page, we would love to learn more about your needs.