Products and Services

Products and Services

How can we help you with your Information Technology needs?

What we do?

Your organization is unique, and there is not a one-sized fits everyone plan for everyone. We help provide a customized and comprehensive plan for your organization that stays within your budget and achieves your goals.

From website design and development to hosting and email management and even managed security services.

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Icewarp, Microsoft Office365, or Google Workspace - we can provide you with email services and manage your email for your organization.

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Our preferred choice of networking hardware is Ubiquiti due to its ease of use and deployment. From simple home or office networking, to point to point-to-point networking with multiple buildings we can help.

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Managed Security

SentinelOne or Malware Bytes can be deployed for your organization to help provide managed security and even real-time response by cybersecurity professionals.

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Non Profit Experience

If you are a non-profit organization, we may be able to work with vendors to provide free or discounted products and services to help you with your cause. We have experience working with non-profit organizations and obtaining services to help them, often at a significant cost savings.


We can work with you to discuss your needs, goals, and plans and help to put together a comprehensive and customized Information Technology plan for your organization.


See what we do for the Town of Sweet Water! From website management, and online payments, to full-service outsourced Information Technology services. We manage their email system and also manage their Firstnet account and provide computer and technical support.

We manage the website, phone system, Office365 tenant, and general IT services for South Marengo Water. We setup the online payment system and managed the transition to T-Mobile for Government for mobile and internet services.

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Glen White Memorial

We manage the website and social media for Glen White Memorial Funeral Home. We also designed the logo and provide support for their live streamed funeral services.

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